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Kittens available!!
Click here for more...  for future shows, please see the Felis Britannica site

Welcome to Kagoza Maine Coons


Beware of scammers, don't part with a deposit when replying to advertisements, for cats/kittens, always visit the breeder first. For prices, please scroll down

Registered Microchipper 20 per pet [cats and dogs only] Pets chipped in your own home in ME2 area, reduction for whole litters of 3 or more, or 3 or more pets

We spay/neuter pets before homing, please read these articles to help understand that kittens recover very quickly and research has shown the surgery is less risky and more beneficial




We have kittens, watch this space, photos soon, will be ready end of March/early April. 2017

Available will be;

Red ticked tabby male 

Red classic tabby female

Black ticked tabby male

Black ticked tabby female

Blacked ticked tortie female

Blue silver tortie female


Red silver mackerel tabby and white male

Red silver mackerel tabby male.

Consideration will be given to a breeder wanting to start or continue a ticked tabby line, please contact me by email. Pets will be spayed/neutered before homing.



Ticked tabbies cannot be shown/registered with GCCF as at the moment it is an unrecognised pattern, however FIFe [kittens are registered FIFe] and TICA both accept the pattern for show and breeding.

Please see stud page for adult ticked pattern [Freddie]

Below is a photo of a recent kitten from Freddie at 8 months old, which gives an idea of ticked pattern.


Please contact by email initially,

Please don't make an appointment to view, unless you are sure you will keep it, all appointments must be confirmed on the morning of the visit, if you make an appointment to view and cannot make it, let us know! We don't bite, and it beats us hanging around for hours in case you are lost Thank You for your consideration.



At 6 months

Nelson, was born with a hare lip,  and has been entirely raised by me, as he could not suckle, he is therefore a very special baby. Hopefully he will have an op later in the year to repair his lip, his enopthalmus [deep set eye] will have to remain though. Nelson is a total character, just full of himself, and very loving, his brothers and sisters just see him as any other kitten, and he romps with them when we are at home, otherwise he goes everywhere with me, as drinking is still a problem for him, but he eats just fine. I know he is cute, but he stays ;-))


This is Nelson taken by Robert Fox 2013, his operation failed, but he is still my baby, and still travelling everywhere with me :-)



Please read all the *boring bits* below before contacting me for kittens, most of your questions should be answered here, I know it's long, but I can't think of a way to shorten the information ;-))

Thank you very much for visiting our site


Infection control...we allow visitors to kittens at around 9 weeks, please don't visit other catteries on the same day, or wearing the same clothing, we also expect visitors to remove outdoor shoes at the door, we hope you will understand why, and possibly bring  slippers ! or we can provide overshoe covers.  


mainecoonsrus@gmail.com you may need to copy and paste this address

All kittens/cats supplied with relevant documentation, fully vaccinated,  four weeks free pet insurance [up to one year old only]. Microchipped and vet checked prior to homing,  all pet kittens are spayed/ neutered at 13 weeks before homing at 14-16 weeks. Available to safe, permanent, indoor homes only.



We are often asked why breeders of pedigree cats keep kitten until 13-16 weeks before allowing them to go to new homes, please follow the link below, for an article  by Barbara C. French,  which gives an excellent explanation for this, you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser.

Article URL:     http://www.breedlist.com/faq/young.html

 Our kittens are planned for, and bred with love and care, each little life is our responsibility, each kitten is named and loved, We trust that new owners will realise the work, time and effort that has gone into allowing them the joy and privilege of sharing their lives one of these unique individuals, and give the same thoughts to their care and safety as any other pet. You would no more allow dogs, budgies, horses, even mice or hamsters to roam, and face the dangers of modern life than you would your young children, please afford the same care to your cat.


If you are out at work all day and have no other cats, we would ask you to think carefully about having just one kitten, two cats/kittens are company for each other, and will keep you entertained with their antics together. Whilst some older cats though, would prefer a single pet household.  

Maine Coons do like the company of their own kind, as they like to play rough with each other, and have their own 'sense of humour' which does not always go down well with other breeds. Although they do 'get on' with most other cats, and dogs.

We insist that our Maine Coon cats/kittens to be indoor pets, possibly with access to an outdoor run, or they can be trained to a leash.

We occasionally, have  older Maine Coon cats available,

We are very concerned to match the right home to these cats, they are much loved pets who we are reluctantly parting with for the 'good of the group', and we must be convinced that they will be in loving FOREVER homes, so you may need to visit several times before being able to share your home with these precious cats.

See foot of page  for terms and prices, for all cats and kittens)

Always be sure you are buying kittens from a registered breeder, and ask to see the parents registered pedigrees,


 optioned, means someone has expressed an interest in a cat/kitten, but there is no contract, so if you are interested stick around

*Reserved, means that a deposit is being held for that cat/kitten

homed, means, bags are packed, ready to leave :-((

Under assessment, means that the cat/kitten may remain with us a little longer while being assessed for breed / show. My reason for breeding is not just to produce quality kittens for pets, but also to continue the Maine Coon breed, with the best possible cats, either for my own breeding program, or another suitable breeder, which is why a particular breeding is rarely done again, unless the colour/type/sex I was hoping for was not born. However, if the kitten does not make the grade, it does not mean it is inferior in any way, just that it does not come right up to the breed/show  requirements, or simply does not like showing.


From time to time it becomes necessary either for the good of the group, or an individual cat, or both to consider rehoming older ex breeding cats. This is not something we do lightly as our cats are  family, so we are prepared to find the best possible homes for them, and,  with our knowledge of their likes and dislikes we plan to match their needs to the new owners. 

 A transfer fee of 150 includes up to date vaccinations and spay/neutering and delivery. Permanent INDOOR homes only.

They may not be rehomed again, but may be returned to me if they do not settle, or circumstances change.


All our Maine Coon  kittens and cats, need safe indoor homes with possible access to an outdoor run or cat-proofed garden or they can be trained to the lead.

If you want an indoor/outdoor cat then why not give a loving home to a rescue cat, there are so many beautiful pets needing loving homes, that are used to going outside and will not adapt to indoor life

 Visit your local Cat's Protection or, if the link below does not work, please cut and paste into your browser






All Maine Coon cats and kittens are sold with an agreed contract, to be signed by both parties, and with feeding care advice, which I recommend you stick to for optimum cat health.

Note, our cats eat raw meat daily, grain free canned,  well as quality dry food.

A specimen contract is available upon request

Prospective owners should expect to visit at least once, and be able to stay for at least one hour, kittens/cats are always delivered.

Please read terms below, and if you don't agree with them, quite simply, don't contact me :-)





Show / Pet

  550. includes vaccinations, vet checks, microchip, 4 weeks free insurance (kittens under 1year only), spay/neuter, registered pedigree, and delivery. All pet cats and kittens are altered before homing. No cat/kitten sold by me may be rehomed to a third party without written permission, and only after the option has been given for me to repossess the cat, an option available throughout the cat's lifetime, we offer no recriminations for rehoming back to us, we will always try to accept the responsibility [room permitting] or help with rehoming

Note, we do not export pets

Older neutered cats over 2yrs under 5 years, 250, includes spay/neuter, microchip and up to date vaccinations, over 5 years 100, which covers vet checks, spay  microchip and delivery [not optional]




Terms and Important notes




































Stud Service











Older Cats these cats are always spayed/neutered before homing


Potential breeding kittens  will be HCM, DNA tested after microchipping  and/or will be from negative DNA tested parents , PLEASE READ INFORMATION ON NEWS PAGE.

I very rarely sell breeding cats, as my expectations for new owners are seldom met, however, if you get past my screening process which has recently tightened further because some past purchasers have disappointed me, terms are below.

Breeding Maine Coon females  1,000 (see below), very occasionally I reserve the right to restrict the sale of breeding cats from females. She must remain resident at the purchaser's address, and be spayed if re-homed, after consultation with me.


Breeding Maine Coon males 1,200, UK terms for breeding males, no stud kittens to be kept or sold or transferred  to another party, that are born before his 3rd birthday. He must remain resident at the purchaser's address, and may not be loaned swapped or sold to a third party, while entire. He may be re-homed once neutered, only after consultation with me.

No breeding cats from them (1st generation only) to be sent to UK, without express written permission.

I would prefer prospective owners outside UK to visit if possible, though understand this is not always possible

Prices for breeding include microchip and blood tests, and necessary paperwork, and rabies vaccination as required, for export cats.

Box and flight at cost to purchaser.


Please note breeding cats are only available to approved purchasers who are either established ethical breeders, or can convince me that they have researched the breed, and breeding, have prepared a breeding plan, agree to be mentored, intend to show professionally and have the time and suitable premises. Females may NOT be housed in outdoor housing/pens, but live indoors as pets, which they primarily are.

I reserve the right to make private enquiries about prospective breeder purchasers, from any source I see fit.

Males must if they cannot live indoors, have approved housing, with lighting and heating, with space to run, and a view to look at, they take a great deal of time to keep happy, as loneliness can be a big issue, so, if you work full time, I am unlikely to consider you as a stud owner.  Sale of stud cats is on condition that the accommodation is approved and comes up to FIFe standards, and mine.

No breeding cat, sold by me, may be sold, or passed on, to a third party, as a breeding cat, only as a neutered pet, but new owner must be registered with me. (Before that, the option must be given to me to purchase it back, entire, at market price)  Breeding cats must remain resident with the purchaser, and may not be 'loaned out' to any third party, or reside at another address for more than two weeks in any twelve month period


Supervised private stud service occasionally available limited to females that have been shown to Ex 1 or Champion +, fully vaccinated and blood tested, with compatible pedigrees, and veterinary health certificate. 350 

NOTE; stud fees are non refundable, although every effort will be made to come to an alternative agreement, on a goodwill basis, all my studs are proven, fees are for witnessed stud service and NOT a guarantee of kittens. We have a very limited private stud service with selected cats only.

Terms (UK) no stud males to be kept  from that breeding, unless agreed in writing,  plus a 400 final settlement, no stud males may be sold, given away, swapped or transferred in any other manner, to a third party,  from that breeding at all. Up to two females may be kept for breeding purposes, but not sold, or transferred to a third party in any other manner, for breeding, without express written agreement from me.

**nb; breeding cats not always available


Cats 12 months to 2 years 250.

Cats over 2 years 200

Cats over 5 years 150




  All kittens supplied with relevant documentation, fully vaccinated,  four weeks free pet insurance, plus microchipped and vet checked prior to homing , pets are spayed neutered at 13 weeks before homing at 14-16 weeks. Available to safe permanent homes only.

All kittens and cats, are delivered. Subject to our usual terms and conditions of sale. Purchasers must be prepared to spend some time with us on their first visit, and indulge us by answering a battery of questions!

Shipping abroad arranged at cost to purchaser, references required, independent enquiries will always be made.



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