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Welcome to Kagoza Maine Coons


About Us

Our small cattery is set in the beautiful rolling countryside, at the foot of North Downs in Kent UK. I have been breeding Maine Coons since 1995. I was a Registered Nurse for many years, but now look after my cats full time, and a full time job it is!

My son and husband help around the house, and sometimes come to shows with me, I enjoy showing my cats off, at home, or a shows, and you can find a list of Felis Britannica shows that we may attend  here

About our cats

Our girls and neuters (and a couple of entire males too) all live indoors with us, its pandemonium sometimes, but they are all individuals and much loved as pets as well as breeding and show cats.

Our girls are not bred more than three times in two years; their kittens are born in our bedroom. After three to four weeks they are becoming more active so they go to our special kitten room, where they have space to play and grow, or sometimes they stay in with us, and have lovely battles over the bed at 3am!. 

After their full vaccination program they come out into the house with the rest of us, and life becomes very interesting as they get used to the other cats and our large house. They also have a outdoor pen area attached to the side of the house for play and fresh air. We love them all and often keep one or two against our better judgment!

All prospective owners are interviewed, vetted and the kittens delivered to their homes. We prefer indoor homes with, perhaps, an outdoor enclosure. Safety and love are our main concerns for our babies, of whom we are justly proud - and new owners are encouraged to show their kittens at FIFe shows

Pet / show cats 550, registered, vet checked, vaccinated, and microchipped. All pet cats/kittens are spayed/neutered before homing, as we have found that early neutering has positive benefits, not least that growth is increased slightly, and of course, you never have to worry that your female kitten may get out and get pregnant, or that your male will display typical entire male behaviour, such as spraying urine and dominance. This is a practice in which UK has lagged behind the rest of the world for many years, and in USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia early spay/neuter has been common for 20 years or more, with no resulting health problems.

Females occasionally available for breeding 1,000 vaccinated, insured, blood tested, registered and delivered.

Males suitable as studs are very rarely available, and are generally shown at least once before going to their new, approved, homes, prices from 1,200

The home of ten great cats in a row
Kagoza from the air


The origins of the Maine Coon cat, are lost in time and myth. Certainly, to survive the harsh winters of Maine USA, the resident cats had to develop all weather coats, that would serve to protect them in winter, and not be too heavy in the warm summer, so, they developed a slightly oily long winter coat, with a large neck ruff, shaggy belly fur, and luxuriant plumy tail [this is where the myth took shape that they were related to the racoon, as they too have magnificent tail fur] In reality this is an impossibility.

In summer much of this coat is lost, as is practical, but it still retains its semi waterproof quality. They needed also to be large and strong to survive, so it evolved that the Maine Coon became the largest natural domestic breed in the world.

 Originally, used as barn cats in the farming community of Maine, the farmers were justly proud of these large handsome cats, which were then called Maine Shags, and were shown as early as 1895 at agricultural shows.

The most important part of the Maine Coon though, is its temperament, not called the gentle giant for nothing. They enjoy the company of humans and other animals alike, but have strong, intelligent characters, and will soon teach their minion who is in charge, while giving unconditional love and loyalty.

They enjoy kisses and headbutts, and being involved with everything you do, especially if it includes water, which holds enormous fascination for the Maine Coon, so be prepared to share your shower, and provide a water fountain or similar, so they can enjoy the sight and sound of moving water.

Maine Coons live happily indoors, but they are not sedentary cats, so they need play and exercise, lots of interaction, and places to climb and jump, and if you can provide a safe outdoor space, they will enjoy that too, but, because they are gregarious creatures, be aware that if you allow your Maine Coon to roam, he may well make new friends with your neighbours, whether they like it or not, but also run the risk of coming to harm, simply because they are pretty well fearless, and ultra friendly, and also run the risk of being stolen. Many breeders therefore will only place kittens where safety is paramount, after all they have taken the time and effort to produce a wonderful companion for you, and what a waste that would be if he were to be killed on the highway, shot at, poisoned, or stolen, so, take care of your friend, and enjoy many happy hours of companionship and joy, with the beautiful creature that is, Maine Coon !

Over the years breeding cats have been selected for temperament, looks, health and pet qualities, not for survival qualities in the wild, therefore we do not expect our kittens to be left to fend for themselves outdoors, they are like any other domesticated pet, bred for a purpose, which is not to go and dice with traffic, disease, human cruelty, and other modern dangers facing feral creatures, but to be beautiful loving companions.

Just as with a pedigree dog, you would not allow free access to the wild, because they have been adapted over the years for specific purposes, cats are no less valuable, and though undoubtedly some would survive in 'the wild', is this what you really want for your pet? If so please, go to a shelter and give your love to one of the beautiful cats who has survived the selection process, is more capable of looking after itself outdoors, and really needs a good, loving, indoor/outdoor home. Please follow this link, or cut and paste into your browser to find some wonderful cats needing loving homes http://www.rescuedb.com 

The risk of scraping your Maine Coon off the highway is not an acceptable one for us, it is a high risk as they are just not street smart cats, and as they are very human orientated there is the added risk of theft, or maiming, our kittens are bred with dedication and love, we expect the same commitment from their new owners.

See below for some great ideas on making your garden safe for your precious coonpanions!.

Grand International Champion Kassaro Navahojoe.
Winner Cat of the Year Show GB 2002.
Photo courtesy Robert Fox

The Glorious White Maine Coon

There are very few people breeding White Maine Coons, but there is nothing quite as graceful and beautiful. 

There is sadly and rarely a white linked deafness (from birth),  however in a safe environment their lives are hardly affected and they often develop "hearing" through vibrations on their paws too slight for you or I to pick up.

Obviously, they can not go out alone, but then why should you want them to?

Pampushka Prairie Flower (Princess)


Kagoza Alaska
Photo courtesy of Robert Fox 2006


Kagoza Ice Warrior

Kagoza Ice Warrior :- now living in Putney, a little charmer!

Making your garden safe

You can make your garden safe, and beautiful for your cats, without sacrificing style. With thanks to Laura Sillence, companion of Kagoza Lucy In the Sky, for photos of her lovely garden











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